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Each clinician of Turning Point Psychological and Counseling Services has experience working with a variety of difficult situations that arise in families.  We all share the ultimate goal in helping families and the individuals in these families face such challenges and grow stronger.  


Each family situation is different, and the team will vary the approaches on a case-by-case basis.  For instance, with a child who struggles with anger management, we may work with the child on strategies while, at the same time, work with the parents on ways to help the child at home.   In a more complex case where the parents are divorced and a child needs to be reunified with one of the parents due to parental alienation or estrangement, we will have a variety of individual and dyad work with the members of the family to achieve this goal.   


Our techniques vary from cognitive-behavioral to more play-based, experiential, and art therapy.   

Therapy Services​

Services for ages 3 and up:


  • Depression/mood disorders

  • Stress and anxiety

  • Grief and loss

  • Parenting

  • Relationship issues

  • Parental alienation/reunification therapy

  • Adjusting to major life changes (divorce, new job, retirement, etc)

  • ADHD and behavioral issues

  • Anger management

  • Emotional/physical/sexual abuse

  • Addictions


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Services Anchor
Accelerated Family Stabilization© (AFS)


Forensic Services​
  • NEW Parental Alienation EvaluationParent/Child Contact Issues are evaluated to determine the root cause of a child's resistance or refusal to have a relationship with a parent. Often court-ordered.

  • Legal consultation—assistance in court preparation (review of materials, consultation regarding mental health issues or strategy, etc.)

  • Expert testimony—child development, mental health issues, child abuse (physical, sexual, or psychological), parental alienation

  • Court-ordered therapy—individual counseling, reunification counseling, co-parenting counseling

  • Guardian ad Litem

Supervised Visitation/Exchanges
  • On-site / Off-site

  • Provides a neutral setting that enables parents and children to spend quality time together under court's direction

Coaching Services

  • Coaching with target parents of parental alienation by phone

Mental Illness/Other Illness

If one member of the family is dealing with a mental illness or an illness such as cancer or Alzheimer’s, the entire family is impacted. We strive to help the family deal with such challenges.  We help individuals and families deal with such diagnoses as:

  • Depression/Bipolar Disorder

  • Anxiety

  • Personality Disorders

  • Substance Abuse

  • ADHD/Behavior Disorders

  • Autism Spectrum Disorders

  • Trauma-related Disorders

  • Neurological Problems (Alzheimer's, Dementia)

  • Cancer

Divorce is a transition that affects every member of the family.  The therapists at Turning Point are well-trained in the areas that come up with divorce such as high-conflict, parental alienation, co-parenting issues, blended families, and helping the kids as well as adults navigate through the adjustment and de-escalate the conflicts between the parties. We have watched the family courts struggle with helping families through this process, and we offer support for the families such as reunification counseling, therapeutic supervised visits, and co-parenting education.  The therapists at Turning Point have experience with the family court system in several counties including Williamson, Travis, Bell, and Comal.   Some of our therapists are certified in New Ways for Families method often used in the court system in high-conflict situations.

Teens of Divorced Parents
SHARE - Support Group


Losing someone you love is always difficult.  Whether you lose a grandparent, parent, friend, or even a child, sometimes you just need someone to help you through it.  If other people in your circle are grieving at the same time, it is hard to be there for each other and you need someone else to help you through it.  


Other kinds of loss also can bring about grief, such as a devastating diagnosis or job loss, and it can feel like you are all alone.  The therapists at Turning Point are here to help.



We are excited to offer our Accelerated Family Stabilization Program to families experiencing significant conflict, relational disconnects, high conflict parenting, and/or parent-child contact issues. We utilize education as the foundation for therapeutic processing and support towards a healthier family dynamic. 

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